Grace is something that no one can know and is how much light there is in the soul? Francis’ new theological opinions

A well known fact in the life of Saint Joan of Arc occurred when she was interrogated by the inquisition. When questioned as to whether or not she was in the state of grace, her answer reflected wisdom, truth and faith: ‘If I am not, may God put me there; if I am, may God keep me so.’

Six centuries later, a similar question was repeated, this time posed not to a saint, but rather to the man who occupies the Chair of Peter. Both individuals gave short responses, but with an astonishing doctrinal difference.

We know by Catholic teaching that grace is a supernatural gift infused by God in our soul, making us participants of his life and heirs of heaven. No one may know for sure if they are in the state of grace. However, the truths of Revelation, a good conscience and many other indications permit us…

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