For Blessed Pope Paul VI

Contemplative in the Mud

Pope-Paul-VI-1970Today is the first memorial day of Blessed Pope Paul VI, beatified less than a year ago by Pope Francis.

Since before my reception into the Catholic Church (from a Protestant background), Pope Paul has been my favourite pope – or at least my favourite pope after the age of the Church Fathers. He walked that line where one is both completely doctrinally faithful and in favour of the radical poverty, peace, and friendship of the Gospel. He suffered deeply and greatly, and all “sides” disliked him. He loved contemplative saints. He elevated Saints Teresa of Avila and Catherine of Siena to be Doctors of the Church – the first women to be given the title and two of the main inspiratons for this blog. He also canonized John of Ávila, one of the main inspirations for this blog.

But of course, Pope Paul’s broadest legacy is the question: What, Church…

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